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SONOFF Zigbee Human Presence Sensor | SNZB-06P

SONOFF Zigbee Human Presence Sensor | SNZB-06P


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Product Details

Overview SONOFF SNZB-06 Zigbee Human presence sensor, based on 5.8GHz microwave radar, detects movement or stationary person, it can detect the tiniest movement, even breathing and heartbeat, and seamlessly light up your space with intelligent radar. SNZB-06P built-in light detector ensures that lights are activated only when a presence is detected in dark environments, helping you save energy. SONOFF SNZB-06P is compatible with multiple Zigbee hubs, such as SONOFF NSPanel Pro, SONOFF iHost, SONOFF ZB Bridge Pro, SONOFF ZBDongle-E, SONOFF ZBDongle-P and Echo Plus 2nd...expanding the possibilities for your home automation system. *For optimal compatibility, SONOFF SNZB-06P may appear as a motion sensor on certain platforms, but it retains the functionality of a human presence sensor. With Local smart scene, scene linkage between Zigbee devices can be executed normally even if the network is disconnected. This ensures that your smart home remains functional and responsive at all times. SNZB-06P supports multiple platforms, including Alexa, Google Home, Smartthings, Alice, IFTTT, and Home Assistant. This broad compatibility allows you to tailor your smart home experience to your preferred ecosystem, ensuring that you have the flexibility to choose the platforms that work best for you. Besides, SNZB-06P has three levels of sensitivity, up to 4m(13 feet) detection distance. And it has multiple installation options, like magnetic attraction, stick with 3M Adhesive or screw, you can put it anywhere you need. Documents User Manual and Certification Video Language: English Language: Italian Language: Spanish


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