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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cashback?

Cashback is a financial benefit offered by MENA Cashback to its registered users, and it means getting back a percentage of the money spent on purchases you got from your favorite stores. This cashback value gets added to your account on MENA Cashback so that you can transfer it to your PayPal account.

For example, if you have a cashback offer of 10% and you spend AED 100 while shopping, you'll earn AED 10. This simply means that you have a chance to earn more cash every time you go shopping at your favorite stores from MENA Cashback.

How does cashback work?

When you make a purchase from a retailer featured on MENA Cashback after clicking through from our site, the retailer will give us a commission for sending you to their website. We share this commission with you when you earn money, which we call 'cashback' and is actually paid by the retailer. Then, we'll make your cashback 'payable' for you to withdraw and spend.

What can I get cashback on?

You’ll find great cashback rates on everything such as airport parking & car hire, home insurance, mobile phones including the latest iPhone and Samsung, as well as your favourite fashion and homeware brands. Almost all of your online purchases will be eligible; browse over 3,000 retailers to start saving money.

How to get Cashback?

To earn cashback on MENA Cashback, use your Facebook, Gmail or email account to register on MENA Cashback.

After completing your registration MENA Cashback will automatically welcome you with welcome bonus, that will be added to your MENA Cashback account.

Now that you are on MENA Cashback, you can directly go to your favorite store page by searching for it using the search bar, or you can browse all stores through the website's "All Stores" section or browse your favorite categories.

You will find different cashback offers after going to the store page on MENA Cashback and it differs depending on the store. Every section offers a certain percentage of cashback.

Click "Shop Now" and you will be redirected to the website of the store so that you can start your shopping journey. It can take a few seconds to completely load and redirect you, just make sure you remain on the same page so you can benefit from the cashback program.

Now that you've been redirected by MENA Cashback to the store, make sure that your shopping cart is empty before you start shopping. After emptying the cart, you can now shop as you please, and then checkout. The cashback percentage that you've been promised will be added to your MENA Cashback account within two days pending confirmation from the store.

You will have the ability to withdraw the money you got as cashback after the store confirms your order.

Do I need an account to use MENA Cashback?

Yes. In order for us to track your purchases and give you cashback, you must have an account on MENA Cashback and click our link to the store before every purchase.

How do I join MENA Cashback?

Joining MENA Cashback is totally free, you can sign-up using your facebook, google or email account.

You can start getting Cashback as soon as you sign up here

So hurry up!

Am I buying directly from MENA Cashback?

No. MENA Cashback is not a store and does not sell any products. MENA Cashback is a shopping service that pays you cashback for shopping online. If you have a question about the products you ordered, please contact the store you purchased from.

What if I want to return or cancel an order?

It’s your right to cancel or exchange purchased goods!

Of course based on the policy of the shop or website you purchased from.

In case of a cancellation, it goes without saying that the Cashback will be cancelled.

In case of exchange, the only way you can guarantee the Cashback is to cancel the old order and put a new one through MENA Cashback again.

If you exchange without doing this, what happens is that the merchants cancel the old one themselves and create a new order, which means the cancellation of our fees as the second one isn’t done through us.

What if MENA Cashback doesn't offer the store I want?

We are in continuous search for new trusted stores to be added to our website to provide our members with a diverse range of products and services from qualified merchants.

If you have ideas or would like to recommend a new shop, please contact us and we will do our best to add it, and thanks for the help!

How do I make sure that I am earning Cashback?

To ensure your Cashback is linked to your account, please make sure you have visited the merchant’s websites through MENA Cashback.

Please take care while shopping to finish all your purchases from one website at once, because if you do partial shopping from a merchant, then go to other websites and come back through a non-MENA Cashback link, you will not get Cashback on the second item that was not accessed through MENA Cashback links.

The same applies to different windows on the same browser, all shopping pages must start at a MENA Cashback page or link to ensure you get your Cashback.

Please make sure that your purchased goods are not on the exception list of things that don’t have Cashback. It happens that merchants don’t provide Cashback on certain items.

When can I request a payment?

When your account's available Cashback amount reaches a minimum of £10, you can request a payment.

Why is there a wait before my cashback is paid?

This is simply because that is how long it takes for the cashback to reach us. Generally speaking, the merchants get invoiced for the cashback after the end of the calendar month in which the transaction occurred. This means that if your transaction was at the start of a month, then you will probably be waiting long time for your cashback than someone who purchased at the end of a month. After the invoice has been sent, it can take one or two months for the cashback to be paid to the affiliate network and for it to then be sent to us. We're sorry about this delay, but we do feel we are one of the quickest to make funds available. You will often find cashback becoming available half-way through a month - whilst on another cashback site you might have to wait until the end of that month before your cashback is available.

How do I make a payout to withdraw my cashback?

Providing you have some transactions which have become 'Payable', you can request a payout at any time.

Do I need to pay any fee for my payment?

No. There are no fees for your payment. You will receive all the money that you earn in Cashback using MENA Cashback.

Is there anything I need to do to make sure my cashback tracks properly?

If you have any other shopping oriented toolbars or browser add-ons installed (that offer coupon, cashback, etc.), they can interfere with the proper functioning of the cashback Button and therefore earning Cashback. For best results, we recommend removing any other shopping oriented browser add-ons or toolbars.

Can I checkout multiple times?

DON'T checkout multiple times at an online merchant without clicking back through MENA Cashback. If you want to keep shopping after checking out the first time, you must go back to MENA Cashback and then click back to the merchant again. Even if you are ordering the same item at the same merchant but in a new order, you need to have a new record of clicking through to the merchant to go with your new order. So after every checkout, go back to MENA Cashback to start again and click back to the same store or select a new store.

What if I accidentally close the window?

DON'T close the store website while shopping. If you do close the window, you must go back to the MENA Cashback merchant page and click from MENA Cashback to start a new session.

Can I delete site cookies while shopping?

DON'T delete cookies while you are shopping. We know that some people occasionally delete their browser cookies. Unfortunately, if you happen to delete cookies while in the middle of a MENA Cashback shopping session, the Cashback will not be tracked. Wait until after all of your shopping is complete before you consider deleting cookies.

Is emptying my previous shopping cart important?

DO make sure your shopping cart is empty when you click to the merchant's website from MENA Cashback. In order to earn Cashback, some merchants require that your shopping cart is empty when you click from MENA Cashback to the merchant's website. Some merchants keep track of when you put items in your shopping cart and if you don't do it after you clicked from MENA Cashback, it's possible that you won't earn Cashback.

Am I still going to earn cashback if I shop directly from merchant?

DO click to visit the merchant's website from MENA Cashback. Clicking to MENA Cashback from other websites or typing the merchant's website directly into your web browser without going through MENA Cashback will invalidate your Cashback. Make sure that you don't click any other links to the merchant's website after clicking through from MENA Cashback.

Is enabling cookies on my browser important?

DO enable cookies on your browser while you are shopping. Merchants use cookies to track your purchases so you can get cashback from MENA Cashback! Remember, if the merchant doesn't track your purchase, MENA Cashback does not receive a sales commission, which means we can't pay you the cashback.

Can I use or buy a gift card and still get cashback?

Sometimes. While it's not guaranteed, you can sometimes earn cashback when you buy a gift card. Check the special terms to see if using a gift card to make the purchase is allowed. If the order is not confirmed in 7 days, it may not have been allowed.

Why has my cashback been declined?

If the cashback amount has been crossed out on one of your transactions, and it is showing in the 'declined' column of your Earnings page, this means that the merchant has marked your transaction as being ineligible for cashback. It may also say Payable at £0.00 We may not know exactly why the merchant has reached this decision, but some possible reasons may include: - You canceled or returned your order or part of your order - You used a promotional code, voucher code or another form of discount (student discount, NHS discount etc) not approved by MENA Cashback when making this purchase - You asked for a quote or browsed a merchant's website, but didn't make a purchase. - You may have used a saved quote or a renewal quote to make this purchase - The merchant pays cashback to new customers only, and you have shopped with this merchant before (please see the merchant's page to see whether this applies) - You did not complete your order online i.e. it was finalised over the phone - You returned part of your order - You did not meet any other of the Terms and Conditions set by the merchant

Can I add an order inquiry if I didn't use MENA Cashback to click to the website I ordered from?

No. The merchant will track your orders via cookies. We will also track all the records. If you didn't first click the link to shop from MENA Cashback, it means you haven't ordered using MENA Cashback. Please click from MENA Cashback for every order, even when you need to order several times with one merchant.