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SONOFF BASICR4 Wi-Fi Smart Switch

SONOFF BASICR4 Wi-Fi Smart Switch


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USD 6.99 USD 4.85
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Product Details

Overview BASICR4 is a newly upgraded WiFi smart switch equipped with an ESP32 chip. BASICR4 not only enhances the basic features but also elevates performance, all while maintaining an affordable price. Compared with BASICR2, BASICR4 has three new functions, Magic Switch Mode, Auxiliary Overheating Protection, and eWeLink-Remote Control. BASICR4 has magic switch mode, which means you can still control the light switch through the app even turning off a traditional wall switch (Note: *Only compatible with mainstream brands of double pole rocker switches. The rear-end light needs to be compatible with mainstream brands of LED,energy-saving lamps, and incandescent lamps ranging from 3W to 100W). BASICR4 is a smart switch with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote“. Using S-Mate2 or R5 to pair with BASICR4, then set the scene, you can reach the two-way control and local control. With the product's built-in temperature sensor, the real-time maximum temperature of the entire product can be detected and speculated, which prevents the product from deformation, melting, fire, or live devices from exposure in case of over-temperature. The BASICR4 not only has CE, FCC, etc basic certifications but also passed the more authoritative ETL certification. BASICR4 has all the most basic functions, APP remote control, voice control, timer, power-on state, and other functions. You can control your home appliances anytime, anywhere, and also create a variety of smart scenes to facilitate your life. Documents User Manual and Certification


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